Victor Navarette Dies in Motorcycle Crash on Mountain View Avenue [San Bernardino, CA]

Injuries in Motorcycle Collision on Interstate 15 [Las Vegas, NV]

Injuries in Motorcycle Crash on Interstate 15 [Las Vegas, NV]

Injuries in Motorcycle Crash on Interstate 15 [Las Vegas, NV]

Police Investigates Injuries in Motorcycle Collision on Interstate 15

Las Vegas, NV (August 13, 2020) – Earlier today, injuries were reported in a motorcycle collision on Interstate 15.
The Nevada Highway Patrol and Las Vegas police were investigating the scene. Several vehicles, including a tractor-trailer, were observed on the side of the road.
Authorities closed one lane of Interstate 15 at Tropicana Avenue.
Meanwhile, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada said the accident was cleared by approximately 8:23 a.m.

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What Is Next After Fatal Crash

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