What to Do When You’re Injured at Work

No one wants to have to endure the pain and emotional distress that occurs when you are injured at work. But when you suffer a workplace injury, it’s essential to understand you have rights as an employee. What’s more, you want to take specific medical, rehabilitative, psychological, or legal steps.

The steps are ones that will help ensure that you’re able to move forward with the best chance at a full recovery. Everything from dealing with a workplace injury that has resulted in a disability to wrongful death or personal injury needs to take comprehensive steps. Steps that help ensure you get the help you need when and where you need.

Please keep reading if you want to learn more about your rights as an employee and your empower’s responsibilities.

Workplace Injury

You may have seen it happen to other people throughout your working career, but most of us never think it will happen to us. Nor do we know we’ve joined an ever-growing number of workplace injuries and deaths. Over six hundred people die every year from falling down at their workplace, and that number keeps growing.

If we become injured at our workplace, most of the time, we have no idea where to start or whom we can go to, so it’s always wise to start at the beginning. The legal definition of a workplace injury usually includes an accident that occurs in a workplace or offsite during the course of employment as you are performing your job duties and responsibilities.

Often, this workplace accident will lead to a physical or mental injury and can even result in death. Employers bear the responsibilities associated with employees who are injured at work. Industry standards, laws, and measures dictate that most employers have to take specific steps when their employees are injured on the job.

Work Injury Employment Laws, Mandates, and Regulations

Accidents happen at workplaces, no matter how many employment regulations or laws are in place. That’s why employers have rules and mandates they need to abide by when one of their employees suffers an injury while working. The steps employers need to take include, but aren’t limited to;

  1. Calling 911 or ensuring their employees are seen by first responders or medical personnel for evaluation and treatment.
  2. Employers need to fill out an Injury Form that records the employee’s title, name, what happened, what time it happened, how it happened, and all incident details. This includes how the employer responded and treated the employee and what help they provided.
  3. The Injury Form Report should be sent to the compensation board of the nearest worker’s compensation group. In California, Washington, and Colorado employers are required by law to purchase worker’s compensation insurance in some capacity. The worker’s compensation insurance provides wage and benefit replacements to an injured worker or their family in case of the worker’s death due to the injury.

If an employer doesn’t have worker’s compensation insurance or files the injury report, the worker’s compensation board can and will issue a monetary fine that penalizes the employer.

Employment Law

Most injuries and accidents will be investigated, and part of that investigation will include interviewing the witnesses, the employee, and the employer. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will require that the employer submit an incident report to them regarding workplace injury. OSHA also is in charge of enforcing the safety and health standard regulations and if an employer is found to be in violation of any of those standards.

When an employer violates employment law, they leave themselves open to other negligence penalties or legal liability. Once the workplace injury has gone through some of the comprehensive steps above, it may be time to speak to a personal injury law firm.  A personal injury attorney will dedicate the time and effort you need to find out what happened and what injury compensation is required to begin your road to recovery.

Injury Compensation

The personal injury law firm will often stand by your side when you’re unsure or uncertain what to do next. It’s the personal injury law firm that commits the time and effort in making sure you understand every option you have so you can receive the justice and injury compensation you deserve.

It’s the caring legal advocate that will offer your decades of legal experience in a courtroom, making them a winning combination of law, advocacy, care, and legal spokesperson. Especially when you feel no one else is listening to the pain and suffering you’ve been through. Even after a personal injury law firm begins fighting for the justice and compensation your deserve, you still may have a long road ahead to reach full wellness and health.

Whether you’re still in the hospital, back home from being treated, or even back at work after receiving a workplace injury you want to reach out to a personal injury law firm.

Your First Step After a Work Injury is One of The Most Important Decision You’ll Make

Reach out to Sweet Lawyers Attorney at Law when you are seeking the legal experience and expertise you need.  Sweet Lawyers provides the stellar legal skill set you want in a courtroom. There may no more critical time to have legal skill expertise combined with a caring spirit by your side.

Every person who suffered from a workplace accident or injury deserves financial compensation to help them down a long road towards recovery. You may experience PTSD, missed payments on bills, or even family stressors you never thought you’d have to go through. A workplace injury is just one accident, but it can result in 100 different cuts, events, or results you never saw coming.

No one can prepare for the worst. But you can do something to help yourself when the worst has occurred. A call to Sweet Lawyers is the first step in healing. Make the call today, so a healthy future awaits you tomorrow.

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