Hiring a Lawyer in Cerritos, CA: What You Need to Know

hiring a lawyer

If you were speeding and got a ticket, you might not need an attorney. But let’s face it, for nearly every other type of legal problem you might be facing, it’s just smart to hire an attorney to help you. Whether you’re going through a divorce, facing criminal charges, or have been involved in a car accident, hiring a lawyer is important. 

Hiring a lawyer can often change the trajectory of your case. It could get you a better custody arrangement, keep you out of jail, and even get you the compensation you deserve after a personal injury.

But you probably know, there are a whole lot of lawyers. So, how do you find a Cerritos lawyer who will work for you? 

Read on for three important considerations when hiring a lawyer and then how to search to find the best attorney to work on your behalf.

Area of Expertise

Just like teachers teach different subjects and doctors specialize in different parts of the body, lawyers also have areas of specialty too.

Business law, personal injury lawyer, family law, and criminal defense, there are many types of law to specialize in. 

If you’ve experienced a personal injury, you certainly don’t want a lawyer whose work focuses on divorce, writing wills, and working out custody agreements. You want a car accident lawyer in Cerritos whose area of expertise is personal injury law.

When you consider who to hire for your legal needs, one of the first considerations should be what type of lawyer you need to hire. 


Once you find the type of attorney you need, you still need to narrow it down. You want an attorney who has experience handling your type of case. 

You want your car accident lawyer to have experience handling your type of case. You want to know they know how to approach the case and manage it. 

Experience matters when it comes to the law. The experience your attorney garners from other cases can be used to know how to best approach your case. 

When you talk with potential attorneys, ask about their experience and how they might use it when they approach handling your case.

Comfort Level

Your attorney will be handling important business on your behalf. They will also need to know a lot of information from you and about you. 

You need to be comfortable with the attorney. You need to feel like you can talk with them and be open to sharing information and asking questions. 

This also speaks to their style of communication. You want to discuss with your lawyer candidates how they’ll update you on your case and how often you can expect to hear from them. 

This is an important relationship for you and one that needs to feel right for you.

Searching for a Cerritos Lawyer

Once you understand what to consider when looking for your Cerritos attorney, you want to begin a search. Consider these steps when looking for the right attorney to handle your case. 

Consider the Type of Lawyer You Need

Begin your search by focusing on the type of attorney you need. Remember, it doesn’t make sense to have a family lawyer handling your personal injury case. 

Making sure you get the right type of attorney also means they are more experienced with your type of case and will best know the laws associated with your situation.

Look Online

If you have no leads you can also start your search online. Starting with a specific enough search like ‘car accident attorney in Cerritos’ will help the search engine get you to narrow down your options. 

Then look at the location and convenience to you. You want meeting with your attorney to be convenient. 

Ask for References

Often one of the best ways to start this type of search is by asking neighbors, friends, and family for references. 

If someone has had a good experience (or bad), it can give you more information about the attorney than simply choosing them online. 

Be sure to ask your references what type of case the lawyer handled for them and if they were satisfied with how the lawyer handled it and the overall outcome of the case. 

Consider the Size of the Firm

As you’re searching, you also want to consider the size of the firm you might hire. Some big-name firms will use an attorney who’s well known to bring in the case and then it’s farmed off to associates. 

You want to know who will handle your case and ultimately if the firm has the time needed to devote to your case.

Review Lawyer’s Website

Finally, as you narrow down your search, spend some time on the website of the attorney. Look at how information is presented. 

Just spending some time reading and clicking around on their site will give you some insight into the attorney and how they give out information.

Be sure to look at the attorney’s profile, experience, and time spent practicing your type of case.

Hiring a Lawyer: Questions to Ask

Most attorneys will offer a free consultation session for potential clients. These meetings are not long, so you want to go in organized with your questions planned out. 

Listen carefully to how the attorney answers your questions. See how you feel about their communication style while meeting them. 

Here are some potential questions to cover?

  • What types of law do you practice?
  • What experience do you have?
  • Have you ever handled a case like mine?
  • What was the outcome?
  • How would you expect my case to go?
  • What’s your success rate?
  • Can you explain your cost for services?

Don’t be shy about asking the hard questions, after all, the attorney will be doing hard work on your behalf.

Find the Best Cerritos Personal Injury Lawyer

If you need legal help, hiring a lawyer and getting the right attorney is key to the success of your case. Use these steps to help get you to the best attorney for your needs. 

If you need a personal injury lawyer in Cerritos, we can help. Contact us today to set up a free consultation meeting so we can get to work helping you with your case. 

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