Vehicle Hit and Killed Man Lying on the Road in Crash on U.S 60 Freeway [Apache Junction, AZ]

George Llamas and Ariel Delgadillo Killed in Accident on Road 80 [Fresno, CA]

George Llamas and Ariel Delgadillo Killed in Accident on Road 80 [Fresno, CA]

George Llamas and Ariel Delgadillo Killed in Accident on Road 80 [Fresno, CA]

2 People Dead in Fresno Car Crash on Road 80

FRESNO, CA (May 22, 2020)George Llamas and Ariel Delgadillo died in an accident on Road 80 in Tulare County on May 19.
The California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the fatal crash that also left one person with critical injuries.
According to some witnesses, 20-year-old Goerge Llamas of Dinuba was driving a 2010 Prius recklessly on Road 80 while traveling south toward Visalia.
When Llamas traveled erratically while weaving in and out of traffic to drove past cars, other drivers slowed down. The Prius reportedly reached speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.
As George Llamas approached the intersection on Avenue 328, he struck the back of a commercial farming truck.

The Fresno Crash Aftermath and Pending Investigation

The impact left the 17-year-old female passenger, identified as Ariel Delgadillo of Visalia, with fatal injuries.
The officers noted that Delgadillo didn’t wear a seatbelt during the collision. When the authorities arrived, they declared Ariel Delgadillo dead at the scene.
Moreover, responders transported Llamas and a 16-year-old passenger to Kaweah Delta Medical Center with critical injuries.
Unfortunately, George Llamas later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.
The authorities also discovered a loaded gun inside the vehicle and marijuana plants scattered on the crash site.
The CHP is currently handling the ongoing investigation.

Our hearts go out to those mourning the loss of George Llamas and Ariel Delgadillo.

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