2 People Dead in Vehicle Crash on Interstate 5 near Riverside Avenue [Anderson, California]

Four Hospitalized after Multi-Car Crash on Highway 395 [Colbert, WA]

Four Hospitalized after Multi-Car Crash on Highway 395 [Colbert, WA]

Four Hospitalized after Multi-Car Crash on Highway 395 [Colbert, WA]

Multiple Vehicles Involved in Crash on Highway 395

COLBERT, WA (July 30, 2019) – Four people hospitalized following a multi-car crash on Highway 395, early Tuesday evening.
According to the Washington State Patrol Troopers, the collision took place at Wild Rose Road around 6:00 PM. Based on an initial report, four vehicles involved in it. The pile-up accident occurred after a northbound vehicle struck one from the rear before crossing the center lane and hitting another vehicle in the southbound lane. The tractor then struck the two vehicles in that lane.
The paramedics said that five people were injured in the incident. Four victims were taken to the hospital for treatment.
Due to the commotion, both the north and southbound lanes of the highway closed while rescue and clearing operations took place.
The crash is still currently under investigation.
Remember that wrong-way driving can lead to a head-on crash. Stay at the right lane and maintain safe following distances for your speed. Avoid distractions, especially your cell phone, and keep your eyes on the road. Even a brief moment of distraction can lead to dire consequences.

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