Fisher-Price Recalls Rock ‘n Play Sleeper After 32 Infant Fatalities

Fisher-Price is recalling 4.7 million of the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper after multiple infant fatalities have been reported. The advice came from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) after 32 infants have died using the sleeper between 2011 – 2018.
These fatalities “included babies even younger than the 3-month threshold cited in the initial warning, which is alarming,” the AAP noted in its release.
Fisher-Price introduced the product to parents and caregivers in 2009. Thus, the sleeper has an inclined and padded back, making a relaxed position for newborns. However, some infants have managed to roll over from their back onto their stomach. In particular, if the infant was unrestrained, making it difficult to breathe.
The official recall came three days after the AAP wrote a statement calling on the commission to recall the products due to its danger. Specifically, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) protects consumers from products such as toys and cribs, and its risks of injury or death.
After a thorough investigation, Fisher-Price and the safety commission are now asking consumers to stop the use of the sleeper after the infant reaches three months of age or the ability to roll over.

Prior Issues Reported with Rock ’n Play Sleeper

In May 2018, the CPSC issued a warning that they were aware of infant deaths associated with inclined back products to elevate the baby’s head and body. But in this warning, it did not name Fisher-Price nor the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper as the direct cause.
One year later in April 2019, the CPSC made an official recall. Consequently, recalls come after multiple infant deaths, pressure from families, child-safety agencies, and pediatricians.
This is not the first time the Sleeper has been under inspection by the CPSC. Previously in January 2018, the CPSC warned consumers to inspect the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper due to risk of exposure to mold. Fisher-Price received 600 reports of mold sightings and 16 babies who were exposed. As a result, infants were left suffering with respiratory illnesses and hives.

Tips for Caregivers

The CPSC is reminding parents and caregivers to be aware of the dangers of using sleep products. In order to avoid serious injury or death, here are a few tips to consider when placing your infant to sleep:

  • Lay the baby flat on their back, in a crib, bassinet, or play pen;
  • Do not add any blankets, bedding, pillows, or bumpers;
  • Stop the use of sleepers as soon as the infant can roll over;
  • If in use of sleep product, use safety restraints to avoid the infant rolling over;
  • Never leave an infant unattended.


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