Experienced San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Sweet Law Group

Sweet Law Group consists of highly experienced bicycle accident attorneys in the Bay Area. Through our many years of representing injured cyclists, we hear an alarming number of stories of hostile and unfair treatment towards bicyclists. It is our goal to help you pursue fair compensation for your bike accident injuries and property damage. Let us help you pursue your bicycle accident claim.

What to do if you are in a bicycling accident

Regardless of the extent of the injuries you have sustained, bicycle accidents leave most feeling stunned and confused about what to do next. The steps you take immediately following your accident can help protect your rights and ensure the success of your case. Keep this list of steps to take nearby, in case of an accident:

  1. If possible, proceed to a safe place and remain on the scene
  2. Call the police and report the incident
  3. Gather information from the other party including their name, driver’s license number, and phone number
  4. Take photographs of the scene of the accident, including all vehicles involved
  5. Seek medical attention
  6. Call Sweet Law Group at (800) 203-3061 for expert legal help

Most bicycle accidents happen in the blink of an eye. An experienced attorney makes all the difference in deconstructing every aspect of the accident, identifying how negligence contributed to your specific injuries, and then coming up with a legal strategy that is uniquely catered to the specific facts of your case.
Oftentimes, bicycle accidents are hit and runs, where the motorist flees the scene. In a hit-and-run collision, it is vitally important to hire a highly-experienced lawyer who can guide you through the multiple avenues for your case. In addition, time is against you because witnesses disappear, roadway defects get repaired, and reports fade. Don’t delay and contact Sweet Lawyers today!