2 People Injured in Hit-and-Run Crash on Cahuenga Boulevard [Los Angeles, CA]

Ex NFL Football Player Adam Seward Arrested after Hit-and-Run Crash on Sahara Avenue [Las Vegas, NV]

Ex NFL Football Player Adam Seward Arrested after Hit-and-Run Crash on Sahara Avenue [Las Vegas, NV]

Ex NFL Football Player Adam Seward Arrested after Hit-and-Run Crash on Sahara Avenue [Las Vegas, NV]

Woman Injured in Las Vegas Accident on Sahara Avenue and Town Center Drive

LAS VEGAS, NV (March 21, 2021) – Tuesday morning, former NFL football player Adam Seward has been arrested after a crash on Sahara Avenue.
Authorities took Adam Seward into custody on allegations of not stopping at the scene of an accident. He also failed to maintain lanes and went too fast for conditions.
According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, they received a report early Tuesday morning. A Jeep struck a pole at Sahara Avenue and Town Center Drive and fled the scene.
A bystander said that they saw the vehicle in a driveway near Alexander Dawson Middle School. Then, an officer came and discovered that the Jeep has a broken windshield and blood inside the car.
“Based on the damage as well as the amount of blood it was believed someone had been severely injured in the collision,” LVMPD said. Officers also found a trail of blood and reached an apartment complex near the school.
Then, the authorities discovered a cell phone case with a woman’s driver’s license inside. Several local hospitals flagged a woman with the same who checked into Spring Valley Hospital.
According to the woman, she met a man named Adam Seward. However, she couldn’t remember much of what happened. The woman sustained multiple cuts to her head and face, a chipped tooth, and hearing damage in her right ear.

More Details on The Crash

The authorities later found Seward and arrested him. Seward revealed that as he drove the Jeep, he lost control on the wet road and crashed into the pole.
He brought the woman to his apartment and brought her using his other car for the hospital.
“Seward stated he knew he should have waited for police on the scene,” the report said.
“While it is important to note that no formal charges have been filed at this time, our investigation has revealed thus far that following a single-vehicle accident, Mr. Seward immediately drove the alleged victim to the nearest hospital at her request. Thereafter, Mr. Seward cooperated with law enforcement in their investigation,” Josh Tomsheck, Seward’s attorney revealed.
“We trust the legal process to do its job and look forward to the full facts and circumstances of this incident coming to light through the court system.”
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Moving Forward after a Crash

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