EASTLAKE, CA – Woman Dies in Accident with Border Patrol SUV

EASTLAKE, CA - Woman Dies in Accident with Border Patrol SUV

EASTLAKE, CA – Woman Dies in Accident with Border Patrol SUV

Fatal Accident on Intersection of Otay Lakes Road and Hunte Parkway

EASTLAKE, CA (January 9, 2018) – A Pontiac Aztek and Border Patrol SUV were in a fatal collision, early Tuesday morning.
A woman in her 30s was driving south down Hunte Pkwy, when an on-duty Border Patrol Officer going east on Otay Lakes Rd crashed into her. The Pontiac flipped over on its roof and went into a wall at the southeast corner of the intersection. The SUV continued eastbound and ended up on the sidewalk on the south side of Otay Lakes Rd.
Firefighters arrived at the scene and performed CPR on the female victim. She had critical internal injuries and a broken arm, and was transported to Scripps Mercy Hospital. The woman was pronounced dead around 1:42 AM.
The Border Patrol SUV sustained front-ent damage and the airbags were deployed. The officer was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, but was later released.
Otay Road was closed between Fenton Street and Woods Road and Hunte Pkwy through King Creek Way so officials could investigate the scene.
Authorities are unsure of who is at fault at this point in time, or if the accident was due to weather conditions. It was reported that the ground were wet and sleek from the rain. Chula Vista Police Department Captain Eric Thunberg said, “Fault will be tough to determine.” Investigation on the fatal accident is ongoing.
If you witnessed the accident with Border Patrol SUV, or have any information, reach out to the Chula Vista Police Department at (619) 691-5151 or the tip line at (619) 422-8477.

Sweet Law Group wishes the family and friends of the victim courage in this difficult time.

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