Jasmine Korley Dies in Hit-and-Run Crash on El Camino Real [San Bruno, CA]

Dustin Dack Killed in Pedestrian Crash on I-15 Northbound Indian Truck Trail off-ramp [Corona, CA]

Dustin Dack Killed in Pedestrian Crash on I-15 Northbound Indian Truck Trail off-ramp [Corona, CA]

Dustin Dack Killed in Pedestrian Crash on I-15 Northbound Indian Truck Trail off-ramp [Corona, CA]

Dustin Dack Killed on I-15 Pedestrian Accident in Corona

Corona, CA (June 10, 2020)– On Wednesday, 34-year-old Dustin Dack, of Helendale, died in the pedestrian crash on I-15 Northbound Indian Truck Trail off-ramp.
The accident happened at around 3:12 a.m. on June 10. Dispatched officers then arrived and located a tractor-trailer and the pedestrian down on the scene.
Reportedly, Dustin Dack was walking northbound on the right shoulder of the off-ramp when a tractor-trailer exited the freeway as Dack neared.
Then, the truck drove off the shoulder of the roadway and struck the pedestrian, killing him on the spot.
Meanwhile, the driver Michael Culp, 64, of Riverside, remained at the scene and cooperated with the officials. Police say the truck was moving at 40 miles per hour.
Further investigation is ongoing, and anyone who has information about the crash, or who saw it, may call California Highway Patrol, Accident Investigation Unit at (951) 637-8000.

Sweet Lawyers extend our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Dustin Dack. May the bereaved find strength and comfort in this extremely difficult time.

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