Robert Alongino Holmes Killed in Crash on Citrus Avenue [Fontana, CA]

Driver Injured in Crash on 11300 Block of Evergreen Way [Everett, WA]

Driver Injured in Crash on 11300 Block of  Evergreen Way [Everett, WA]

Driver Injured in Crash on 11300 Block of Evergreen Way [Everett, WA]

Car Crash on 11300 Block of Evergreen Way Injures 1 Driver

Everett, WA (June 30, 2020) – On Sunday, a driver was seriously injured in a crash on the 11300 block of Evergreen Way near Walmart.
The police report said the accident happened around 8:20 p.m.
Rescuers rushed the driver to a hospital.
Meanwhile, authorities closed the southbound lanes, while they reduced the northbound traffic to one lane for over two hours.
Police are still investigating the possible cause of the crash.
It is always important to stay focused while driving. Do not use any gadget that could pose as a distraction for you on the road.

What To Do in Case of a Crash

Roadways, while scrupulously created and mapped for efficient travel, are one of the most dangerous settings.
It is therefore important to know how to proceed in case you find yourself involved in a traffic collision.
In fact, each year, around 20-50 million people are injured or become disabled due to an auto crash.
Here is how to proceed if you find yourself involved in a crash:
Before anything else, seek medical attention if you have been hurt.
Then, get to a safe place to prevent further damage or injury.
Also, collect as much information as possible: insurance and contact information of people involved in the accident, and pictures/videos of vehicles involved. Do not forget to include documentation of fault, and whatever else that can be used for evidence.
Additionally, file a police report or incident report by calling 911.
And finally, hire an experienced personal injury attorney from Sweet Lawyers.
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