1 Person Dies in 4 Car Collision on State Route 7 in Spanaway [Lakewood, WA]

David Sims and Lupe Ortiz Killed in 6 Vehicle Crash Involving Big Rig on Highway 99 [Chico, CA]

David Sims and Lupe Ortiz Killed in 6 Vehicle Crash Involving Big Rig on Highway 99 [Chico, CA]

David Sims and Lupe Ortiz Killed in 6 Vehicle Crash Involving Big Rig on Highway 99 [Chico, CA]

Lupe Ortiz and David Sims Identified as Fatalities on Highway 99 South of Chico

Chico, CA (June 11, 2020) – On Wednesday, David Sims and Lupe Ortiz of Los Molinos died in a multi-vehicle accident involving a semi-truck on Highway 99 at Neal Road.
As a result of the crash, the highway closed in both directions for over 12 hours.
After the initial investigation and cleanup, CHP reported that a big-rig northbound on Highway 99 triggered the accident.
Indeed, the driver of the semi, Jobanjit Singh, failed to slow down at approaching stopped traffic.
Thus, he slammed into the back of a Honda Accord, which caused a chain reaction, and a total of 6 vehicles collided.
Consequently, the driver and passenger of the Honda Accord, died on impact.
Later on Thursday morning, the Butte County Coroner’s Office identified the deceased as David Sims, 55, and Lupe Ortiz, 55.
While alcohol and drugs are not suspected, CHP is still investigating why Singh did not slow at the light where traffic was stopped.

Our deepest condolences are with the loved ones of David Sims and Lupe Ortiz.

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