Damage Compensation: When to Hire a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

1 in 5 slip and fall accidents cause a serious injury. This includes broken bones and head injuries.

If you were the victim of a slip and fall accident that wasn’t your fault, you might be entitled to compensation. How do you know when to hire a lawyer?

Keep reading to learn more about the signs you need a slip and fall accident lawyer. 

When You’ve Been Seriously Injured

If you’ve slipped and fallen on someone else’s property and you were seriously injured, you need to speak with a slip and fall accident lawyer.

Time is a critical factor when it comes to slip and fall accidents. Common injuries associated with these kinds of accidents can take time to show up. Even if you know you were injured, you might not realize the extent of your injury right away.

But the sooner you get a lawyer, the better. Your lawyer will begin an investigation and start collecting evidence that may be time-sensitive. The longer you wait to talk to a lawyer, the harder it may be to make your case.

When you sustain a serious injury from a slip and fall, your finances can spiral out of control before you know it. Medical expenses will start adding up and you may be held responsible for your copayments and deductibles.

Serious injuries often require extensive treatment and can lead to permanent impairment. Only an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer will know how to prove the extent of your injury and that your treatment was necessary and a direct result of the accident.

When You Can’t Work

If your injury is preventing you from returning to work or you had to take time off because of the accident, you need a slip and fall accident lawyer.

Serious injuries that require ongoing treatment will often mean time off work due to limitations from the injury itself or for medical appointments. If you aren’t getting paid for your time off, this can be financially devastating. You might also lose your job or be transferred to a position that doesn’t pay as much.

When loss of work happens, you need an experienced attorney who can fight for your rights. Serious injuries often lead to permanent disability or impairment. These cases can be difficult to prove, but you are entitled to compensation including lost wages and loss of future wages. 

When the Insurance Company Isn’t Being Fair

Insurance companies are not known for playing fair. This is especially true when it comes to insurance companies for commercial operations. Their job is to protect their insured and their bottom line.

Unfortunately, this often means underpaying or outright denying claims. Insurance companies will try to assign a portion of the blame to you so that they can pay you less for your claim. This isn’t right.

You deserve the full amount of compensation you deserve. Even if you did contribute to the accident, you can still recover compensation under California law.

If an insurance company is trying to pin the blame on you, deny your claim, or offer you a lowball settlement, you need a slip and fall accident lawyer. Insurance companies try to settle claims quickly and make them go away. But if you were seriously injured, it can take time to finish your treatment, evaluate the long-term effects of your injury, and make your case.

This means it can be difficult to know the full value of your claim until after you have finished treatment. When you are represented by a slip and fall accident lawyer, you show the insurance company that you know your rights and they better take your claim seriously.

If they don’t, your attorney will take your case to trial. 

When You Don’t Know What Your Claim is Worth

If you don’t know whether you even have a valid claim, there’s no harm in talking to a slip and fall accident attorney. This is exactly why we offer free consultations and case evaluations.

During your consultation, you will get a chance to explain what happened and one of our attorneys will evaluate your claim. They will tell you more about what to expect throughout the legal process and what your claim might be worth.

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and decide whether the attorney is a good fit.

When the Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

The bottom line is that if you were injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you should talk to a slip and fall accident lawyer.

Slip and fall accidents can happen just about anywhere. If you were on someone else’s property, they have a responsibility to maintain a safe premise. If they failed to do so and their actions or inactions led to your slip and fall injury, you have a right to pursue compensation.

It can be challenging to navigate the legal system, especially when you’re injured. Meeting with a slip and fall accident lawyer is free and comes with no obligation. Your attorney will explain whether you have a case, what your case might be worth, and how they can help you get the slip and fall compensation you deserve.

For example, your lawyer will do the legwork to figure out exactly who was responsible for maintaining the premises where you slipped and fell. There are often a number of parties involved in cases like this including those who own and maintain the premises and even governmental entities.

Slip and fall accident lawyers are experts when it comes to these kinds of cases and know the local laws that determine what you can recover. 

Talk to a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Today

If you had a slip and fall and any of these factors apply, you need to talk to a slip and fall accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Slip and fall accidents can lead to serious and impactful injuries. If someone else was responsible for your injury – they need to pay.

Click here to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys today. 

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