2 People Injured in Crash on 238 Freeway near Redwood Road [Castro Valley, CA]

Collision on 880 Freeway near Thornton Avenue Leaves 1 Seriously Injured [Fremont, CA]

Collision on 880 Freeway near Thornton Avenue Leaves 1 Seriously Injured (Fremont, CA]

Collision on 880 Freeway Near Thornton Avenue Leaves 1 Person Seriously Injured (Fremont, CA]

1 Person Hospitalized after Collision on 880 Freeway Near Thornton Avenue in Fremont

Fremont, CA (April 18, 2020) – On Wednesday night, 1 person was hospitalized after a crash on the 880 Freeway near Thornton Avenue.
The California Highway Patrol took over the investigation of a crash incident near Thornton Avenue on April 15.
According to the report, the collision occurred at about 10:44 p.m. in the southbound lanes of the 880 freeway.
The two-vehicle collision involved a Toyota Prius and a GMC Envoy.
Consequently, the Envoy overturned on the roadway, and the ambulance was immediately called.
Authorities said that there is at least one person who sustained serious injuries due to the impact of the collision.
The Prius was damaged on the front-end. Moreover, the towing services took both vehicles from the incident.
Police are still investigating what caused the collision on the 880 Freeway.
Preparing for an accident on the road is not easy feat. It can occur anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. The consequences can be devastating, and even lead to death.
Therefore, if you are driving a vehicle on the road, make sure to abide by the traffic laws and follow every road sign. Also, be extra careful on intersection roads, since this is usually an area prone to collisions.

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