Clinton Palmquist Dies in Wrong-Way Crash on Highway 62 [Whitewater, CA]

Clinton Palmquist Dies in Wrong-Way Crash on Highway 62 [Whitewater, CA]

Clinton Palmquist Dies in Wrong-Way Crash on Highway 62 [Whitewater, CA][Pomona, CA]

Clinton Palmquist Killed, Two Others Injured in Wrong-Way on Highway 62

Whitewater, CA (May 02, 2021) On Tuesday, 45-year-old Clinton Palmquist of Landers died in a head-on collision due to a motorist driving in the wrong direction on Highway 62.
Authorities pronounced Palmquist dead at the scene at around 10:10 P.M.
Moreover, eyewitnesses say that an unknown vehicle was driving west on the eastbound road of Highway 62, a moment before the collision.
California Highway Patrol says after the crash, one vehicle landed on the center divider and while the other ended up on the right shoulder of Dillon Road. 
Meanwhile, a person inside the vehicle was knocked unconscious.
Furthermore, firefighters responding to the scene sent a person to a medical facility for treatment, while another patient had minor injuries.
Ultimately, it is not clear if Palmquist was the wrong-way driver, and an investigation is still ongoing.
Authorities say that while crews are cleaning the wreck, Highway 62 is inoperable for several hours.

Sweet Lawyers would like to extend our condolences to the bereaved family of Clinton Palmquist.

How Families Can Move Forward

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