70-year-old Man Struck and Injured in Pickup Truck Crash on G Street [San Diego, CA]

Child Critical after Motorcycle Crash in West Fourth Street and Stoker Avenue [Reno, NV]

Child Critical after Motorcycle Crash  in West Fourth Street and Stoker Avenue [Reno, NV]

Child Critical after Motorcycle Crash in West Fourth Street and Stoker Avenue [Reno, NV]

10-year-old Pedestrian Hurt in Motorcycle Crash in West Fourth Street Reno

Reno, NV (June 12, 2020)– On Friday evening, a 10-year-old boy sustained critical injuries in a motorcycle crash in West Fourth Street and Stoker Avenue.
The accident happened at around 6:30 p.m. on June 12. Dispatched officers responded and located a motorcycle and the injured boy on the scene.
Reportedly, the boy was standing in the road in the middle of the block outside of a crosswalk when hit by an eastbound motorcycle.
Emergency crews then transported the boy to Renown Regional Medical Center to be treated for life-threatening injuries.
Moreover, eastbound travel on West Fourth Street at Stoker Avenue was restricted. However, it has since reopened.
Meanwhile, the motorcycle driver remained at the scene and cooperated with the investigation. Police say alcohol and speed are not factors in the crash.
Further investigation is ongoing.
According to NHTSA reports, in 2017, one in five children under the age of 15 killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians. In the wake of COVID-19, there is a higher risk of pedestrian accidents, as more walkers fill the roads, sidewalks, and intersections. Therefore, below are a few safety tips for pedestrians and drivers to follow to avoid these types of accidents.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Make yourself visible: wear bright coloured clothes and carry a flashlight if you are walking at night.
  • Avoid dangerous behaviors : always walk on the sidewalk (no jaywalking), stay sober and make eye contact with drivers – don’t assume the driver can see you.
  • Stay off your phones, because talking and texting distracts you from your surroundings.
  • Look before you step: cross streets at marked crosswalks/intersections, obey traffic signals and watch for turning vehicles.
  • Look left-right-left before crossing a street.
  • How to Look Out For Pedestrians As a Driver

  • Follow posted speed limits, avoid phone use, and be cautious of your surroundings.
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Look out for pedestrians, especially in hard-to-see conditions such as at night or in bad weather.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way at any crosswalk or intersection, so yield and be prepared to stop.
  • Stop at the crosswalk stop line to give drivers in other lanes an opportunity to see and yield to pedestrians too.
  • Be cautious when backing up – pedestrians, especially young children, can move across your path.
  • Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney