1 Person Hospitalized After Collision on 47th and Lang Avenues [Sacramento County, CA]

Car Repairs After An Accident

The main reason we carry car insurance, is to minimize our financial risks after an accident. The type of insurance coverage you have, is a determining factor of the options available for your car repairs after an accident.

Who is Responsible?

Regardless of fault, collision coverage will cover vehicle repairs after an accident. In addition, in order for your collision coverage to take into effect, you must pay your deductible. Consequently, a deductible may cost an average of $500 to $1,000.
Relying on your state’s required liability insurance, will open you to financial hardships after a car accidents. For example, if the accident was your fault, liability coverage only pays for damages done to the other party. Therefore, with liability, your car damages will not be taken care of after an accident.
Once coverage has been approved by either your collision coverage or the at-fault driver’s policy, expect the following steps for car repairs after an accident.

Process of Inspection

If the damaged vehicle is located in a tow yard, immediately arrange to get the vehicle picked up from there. Above all, storage fee’s add daily and these costs will be deducted against your property damage policy available for recovery. Here are basic steps the insurance company will take for car repairs after an accident :
If the damages to the vehicle are minor, the examiner will give an estimate in person. The analyst will write a check in the amount believed necessary to repair the vehicle.
During this time, it is advised to take the vehicle to a preferred shop referred by the insurance company. In fact, preferred shops have the repairs certified and guaranteed, in case of any future issues.
If the vehicle was towed from the scene and unsafe to drive, the vehicle will be inspected at the collision center. The center will asses and tear down the vehicle for any undercarriage damages. If the damages are more than 75% of the car’s value, the vehicle will be deemed totaled.

  • Once the insurance company pays for the actual cash value of the vehicle, you must hand over the vehicle and title to the insurance company.
  • At this point, you have the option to keep the vehicle and carry a salvaged title. The insurance company will pay a discounted price of the vehicle minus any fees associated with the title.


Gap Insurance

If you are still making financial payments on your car loan, gap insurance secures your auto loan. Meaning, if the loan amount is higher than the market value of the vehicle, gap will pay the difference between the financed amount and market value of the vehicle.

Transportation During The Inspection Process

Rental reimbursement will help pay for costs for a supplemental vehicle during the time the vehicle is being repaired on or replaced.
If the accident was not your fault, the at-fault party’s insurance company is held responsible to pay for these costs.
If liability has not been determined and rental coverage is unavailable, you may not be able to qualify for rental reimbursement at this time.

Property Damage Limits

Minimum liability requirements differ in every. Thus, if you are not protected, you may be paying out of pocket expenses to fix your car. If the responsible party carries the state’s minimum for property damage, the insurance will only pay based on the available policy limit. In other words, if the car damages exceed the policy amount, the insurance will only pay up to that amount.
Accordingly, in order to recover the remaining losses for property damage, it is recommend to file a claim with your collision coverage. With the result, to recover all the losses to the vehicle.

Contact An Attorney For Car Repairs After An Accident

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