2 People Injured in Dump Truck Crash on 48th Street and Lake Washington Boulevard [Renton, WA]

Big Rig Crash on Interstate 15 Closed Southbound Lanes [Sloan, NV]

Big Rig Crash on Interstate 15 Closed Southbound Lanes [Sloan, NV]

Big Rig Crash on Interstate 15 Closed Southbound Lanes [Sloan, NV]

2 Semi-Trucks Collided on I-15, Both Lanes Closed in Sloan

Sloan, Nevada (June 06, 2020) -On Thursday around 6 p.m., Interstate 15 closed due to 2 Semi-Trailers colliding near marker 21 in Sloan.
Both directions of the interstate closed due to the crash, but the northbound lane has been reopened since.
Due to the crash, motorists were advised to use Las Vegas Boulevard and enter the I-15 in Jean to avoid traffic delays.

Dealing With Unexpected Incidents

Despite the peculiar circumstances of this year, auto accidents continue to be a part of daily life. Although, common events on the road can just as swiftly become safety hazards.
When you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle – alone or with passengers – driving safely should always be your main concern. We’re distracted more than ever, it’s crucial to know the basics of safe driving and practice them.
It is important to remember to remain focus on driving. Then, always drive defensively. It would be helpful as well if you make a safe driving plan. Lastly, practice safety wherever you go and whatever you do. 

And When It Does Happen

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