Boy Injured in Bicycle Accident near Lake Mead Parkway and Center Street [Las Vegas, NV]

Bicyclist Killed in Crash on Molave Road and Amethyst Road [Victorville, CA]

Bicyclist Killed in Crash on Molave Road and Amethyst Road [Victorville, CA]

Bicyclist Killed in Crash on Molave Road and Amethyst Road [Victorville, CA]

1 Dead in Victorville Bicycle Accident on Molave Road and Amethyst Road

VICTORVILLE, CA (March 4, 2021) – Early Wednesday morning, a bicyclist died in a crash on Molave Road and Amethyst Road.
The incident occurred at 12:29 a.m. on Mojave Drive, east of Amethyst Road in Victorville.
Upon the arrival of the deputies, they found the victim unresponsive on the road. The said person suffered from major injuries. Thus, responders took the victim to a local hospital. Eventually, responders declared the rider dead at 1:04 a.m.
The Victorville Station’s Major Accident Investigation Team (M.A.I.T) came to the scene and took over the investigation.
“Deputies learned the suspect and victim were both traveling west on Mojave Drive in the number two lane, when the suspect collided with the rear tire of the victim’s bicycle, causing the victim’s fatal injuries, ” a news release stated.
Meanwhile, the suspect escaped the crash scene before authorities arrived. Leaving the victim dying on the road.
M.A.I.T Investigators continue to work together to gather evidence and speaks to any witness. Authorities urged anyone with information about the crash to contact Highway 101. We-Tip hotline at 909-987-5005 and are working to gather evidence. They wanted to converse with any witnesses that may help identify the suspect. and speak to any witnesses that may help identify the suspect.

For anonymous tipsters, they may call the We-Tip Hotline at 909-987-5005.

With heavy hearts, we extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the victim.

Bicycle Accidents in Victorville, California

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