Bicyclist Dies in State Route 8 Accident [Olympia, WA]

Bicyclist Injured in Valencia Boulevard Car Crash [Stevenson Ranch, CA]

Bicyclist Injured in Valencia Boulevard Car Crash [Stevenson Ranch, CA]

Bicyclist Injured in Valencia Boulevard Car Crash [Stevenson Ranch, CA]

Bicyclist Hospitalized after Car Crash on Valencia Boulevard in Stevenson Ranch

Stevenson Ranch, CA (December 29, 2020) – Tuesday night, a bicyclist was hospitalized after a car crash on Valencia Boulevard.
The Stevenson Ranch crash happened just after 8:30 p.m. on December 29, near The Old Road.
According to reports, authorities received a vehicle collision involving a pedestrian. However, at this point, what prompted the crash is still unknown.
Emergency crews transported one patient to a hospital, but their condition is still undetermined.
Further investigation of this Valencia Boulevard crash is on-going.

How Cases Such as This One Arise and What To Do After

According to the Association of Safe International Road Travel, more than half of all road traffic deaths occur among vulnerable road users—pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. More so, despite the peculiar circumstances of this year, auto accidents continue to be a part of daily life. One of the reasons for these occurring accidents is using a cell phone when driving. Reports show 80% of car accidents are a result of distracted drivers.

What are the seven important documents to possess after an accident?

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