1 Injured in Car Crash on Newhall Ranch Road and Santa Clarita Parkway [Santa Clarita, CA]

Bicycle Rider Injured After Colliding With A Car in Southwest Fresno [Fresno, CA]

Bicycle Rider Injured After Colliding With A Car in Southwest Fresno [Fresno, CA]

Bicycle Rider Injured After Colliding With A Car in Southwest Fresno [Fresno, CA]

Bicyclist Hit By A Car in Southwest Fresco, CA

Fresno, CA (June 01, 2020) – A bicyclist was hit by a car in Fresno on Wednesday at 10 in the evening, reports say. The incident happened on Elm Avenue and North Avenue.
Police report identified the vehicle involved as Toyota Corolla. Eyewitness on the scene clarified that the rider was not run over, but more so clipped by the car.
The rider sustained minimal wounds, but his current condition is not yet revealed.
Official says that they have ruled out driving under the influence as a cause of the collision.
Finally, police are investigating the scene to determine who is at fault for the incident.

Safety First

Riding a bicycle helps reduce pollution on the streets, and it is a healthy activity for individuals. However, being on a bike has its own risks, and safety needs to be put at the forefront. Keep in mind basic guidelines when riding a bike. Be alert, and always scan your surroundings. Be wary of the vehicles, pedestrians, and other hazards on the road. Lastly, be seen, make yourself visible to others, use your horn, utilize hand signals and lights, especially if you are riding at night.
In 2017, 485,866 accidents were reported solely in the state of California. It is therefore important to know how to proceed in case you find yourself involved in a traffic collision. 

We Cover The Rest

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