Two Injured in Fairview Drive Rollover Crash [Carson City, NV]

At Least One Injured in Rollover Crash on Interstate 680 [Concord, CA]

At Least One Person Injured in Rollover Crash on Interstate 680 [Concord, CA]

At Least One Person Injured in Rollover Crash on Interstate 680 [Concord, CA]

Rollover Crash on Interstate 680 Hospitalized One

Concord, CA (May 05, 2020) – On Tuesday, at least one was injured in a rollover crash on Interstate 680.
Officers received the crash report minutes after 8:45 a.m. near the Willow Pass Road onramp.
Reports said the accident included a minivan that crashed with a sedan and overturned.
Right away, an ambulance responded to the crash scene and assisted the victim that suffered injuries and required hospitalization.
Meanwhile, all lanes were cleared and reopened within an hour.
You need to be fully focused while driving on the road. However, all that focus need not be on the car before you.
In order to take in, process, and respond to everything happening on the road, you need to constantly scan the road about half to a full mile ahead. This way, you would know if you’ll need to let go of the gas pedal and prepare for a stop.

Following Safety Driving Rules Saves Us From Accidents

While driving is essential for many in order to move about in their lives, it is one of the most dangerous activities performed daily. That is because auto accidents are a major public health threat. That is why traffic accidents are a leading cause of death for individuals ages 5-64.
Thus, it is indeed important that everyone drives defensively so we could avoid traffic accidents as much as possible.
Here are some of the things that we can do to practice defensive driving:
Always drive at a controllable speed.
It is also important not to assume you know the other driver’s intention.
Be prepared to positively react to other drivers.
This one, we should never neglect. Yield at intersections, even if you have right of way.
Most importantly, stay focused on the road. Remove all distractions such as mobile phone use, unstrapped toddlers, etc.
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