1 Trapped, 2 Airlifted in Semi-Truck Crash on Interstate 40 [Fenner, CA]

At Least One Injured in Semi-Truck Collision on Highway 99 [Delano, CA]

At Least One Injured in Semi-Truck Crash on Highway 99 [Delano, CA]

At Least One Injured in Semi-Truck Crash on Highway 99 [Delano, CA]

Three-Car Crash on Highway 99 Causes Minor Injury

Delano, CA (March 05, 2021) – On Wednesday, one was injured in a semi-truck crash on Highway 99.
The accident happened at about 3 a.m. near Cecil Avenue wherein a semi-truck overturned on the southbound side of the highway.
One person suffered minor injuries.
Moreover, reports said the incident led to a multi-vehicle crash.
As a result, officers closed two lanes on southbound Highway 99 at Cecil Avenue as they investigate.
Always be a responsible driver.

What Happens After a Vehicle Crash?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that two out of three motorists will be involved in an injury accident during their life. Thus, knowing how to proceed in case you find yourself involved in a traffic collision is a must.
The most valuable step you can take in response to a vehicle crash is hiring a personal injury attorney. Moreover, personal injury attorneys prioritize your recovery. At the same time, securing your future from further losses a severe accident can bring.
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