William Finn Injured in Hit-and-Run Crash on Eureka Way and California Street [Redding, CA]

Alyssa Flores Seriously Injured in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Interstate 80 [Richmond, CA]

Alyssa Flores Seriously Injured in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Interstate 80 [Richmond, CA]

Alyssa Flores Seriously Injured in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Interstate 80 [Richmond, CA]

Alyssa Flores Severely Injured in Richmond Three Car Accident

Richmond, CA (September 10, 2020) – On Friday, 17-year-old Alyssa Flores was severely injured in a multi-car crash on Interstate 80.
The deadly accident happened at around 10:15 p.m. on September 4, west of Macdonald Avenue.
California Highway Patrol said a Honda Civic, a Honda Odyssey, and a Toyota Corolla crashed on the roadway in unclear circumstances.
“I got worried because it’s not like her to be late,” said her mother Brandi Flores. She called her daughter’s cell phone, but the teen didn’t pick up.
William Eberly just got off work as a correctional sergeant at San Quentin Prison when he came across a collision on eastbound Interstate 80 near Macdonald Avenue in Richmond.
“Something told me, ‘Pull over, make sure everything’s OK,’ ” Eberly said.
He answered the girl’s phone and told her mother that Alyssa was hurt in a three-car crash.
“He said she was alive but she was not doing well. And I could hear her gasping for air,” Flores said. Through tears, she added, “He was also saying, ‘Alyssa, your mom is here. Your mom. Hang on, Alyssa.’
As Flores and her husband rushed to the scene, the Good Samaritan stayed on the phone. He kept Alyssa’s airway open. Flores says he’s a hero and her “angel on earth.”
“Words will never express what he did to save her. I mean, he’s the reason she’s here, fighting for her life,” Flores said.
Meanwhile, Eberly said he isn’t a hero.
“No, I just feel like I stopped and helped. That was it,” he said.
Eberly said his GPS told him to take another route because of congestion. Still, he took his normal route, he says, with the help of “divine intervention.”

Critically Injured

Alyssa sustained head trauma and underwent surgery at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek.
“She’s on a ventilator in the ICU,” Alyssa’s mom said. “She’s not responding to commands.”
A promising life, now on hold. She is the oldest of four children. Alyssa’s set to graduate from Hercules High in January. She’s taking classes at Contra Costa College in hopes of becoming a child psychologist.
“She’s just a sweet person. Everybody that meets her, you meet her one time, you remember her forever,” Flores said.
Alyssa’s mom is a pediatric nurse at Kaiser. Her medical background at times makes things challenging.
“Part of it is helping, part of it is hindering, because as a nurse you know, like, what happened,” she said.
The California Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the crash. Officers say traffic on the freeway slowed due to another crash in the opposite direction.
Moreover, the other drivers stayed on the scene. The CHP is calling for other witnesses to come forward.
As for Eberly, he said, “I’m hoping for a full recovery, and I’m hoping to meet her under better conditions.”
Alyssa’s family has set up a GoFundMe.00

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