Daniel Garcia and Yulia Krashennaya Killed in Boat Fire Accident in Channel Islands [SANTA BARBARA, CA]

Allie Kurtz Killed in Labor Day Dive-Boat Fire near Santa Cruz Island [SANTA BARBARA, CA]

Allie Kurtz Killing in Labor Day Dive-Boat Fire near Santa Cruz Island [SANTA BARBARA, CA]

Allie Kurtz Killed in Labor Day Dive-Boat Fire near Santa Cruz Island [SANTA BARBARA, CA]

Cincinnati Woman and SCPA Graduate Dies in California Boat Fire

SANTA BARBARA, CA (September 2, 2019) – A Cincinnati woman is confirmed to be one of the victims of the deadly boat fire off California’s coast early Monday morning.
Alexandra “Allie” Kurtz, 25, was aboard the 75-foot dive boat Conception when it caught fire and sank near the Channel Islands.
The U.S. Coast Guard ended its search for survivors in the accident after 20 bodies were recovered and another 14 were presumed dead.
Authorities also say the boat was on a three-day diving excursion at the time. It had departed Saturday morning and was due back Monday evening.
All 34 victims confirmed dead or missing were asleep in the bottom deck area when the fire broke.
Kurtz was one of six crew members on the Conception for the Labor Day trip. The five other employees including the captain survived by jumping off the boat and paddling in a dinghy to a nearby fishing boat. But Kurtz was below deck when the fire broke out and was killed, along with the boat’s 33 passengers.
Kurtz was a 2011 graduate of School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA), Cincinnati Public Schools confirms.
Before pursuing her love of diving full time, Kurtz worked at Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles on the creative advertising team, working on films including “Mission: Impossible,” a company representative said.
Kurtz’ mother say the family is still struggling to cope with this tragedy.
“I comes in waves. I never thought I would have to go through this,” she said.
A message that reads “I love you Allie” sits at the memorial site along the Santa Cruz coastline.
Some of the other victims have been identified as: Kristy Finstad, Neal Baltz, Patricia Beitzinger, Scott Chan, Kendra Chan, Berenice Felipe, Tia Salika, Steve Salika, Diana Adamic, Evan Quitasol, Nicole Quitasol, Angela Quitasol, Fernisa Sison, Michael Quitasol, Charles McIlvain, Marybeth Guiney, Lisa Fiedler, and Mike Kohls.
It is still unclear what caused the fire, but authorities say The Conception was in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

No words can mend the broken hearts and sorrow felt during this delicate moment. Our deepest condolences are with the loved ones and friends of Allie Kurtz and of all the other victims.

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