No Injuries Reported in Crash on Blue Diamond Road and Edmond Street [Las Vegas, NV]

Algetta Strother Killed and 1 Injured in Crash on Ninth Street [San Bernardino, CA]

Algetta Strother Killed and 1 Injured in crash on Ninth Street [San Bernardino, CA]

Algetta StrotherKilled and 1 Injured in Crash on Ninth Street [San Bernardino, CA]

Algetta Strother Died, Son Stephen Strother Jr. Arrested for DUI in Crash East of Waterman Avenue

San Bernardino, CA (June 10, 2020) – On Monday night, Algetta Strother died due to a car crash on Ninth Street, east of Waterman Avenue.
Police later arrested another motorist in the crash, Stephen Strother, who was street racing with Algetta.
Stephen Strother Jr, 26,  drove a Buick Century when he presumably raced against his mother Algetta, 54, who drove a Chevrolet Tahoe.
The San Bernardino Sun confirmed their relationship as mother and son.
Reports say both drivers were speeding west on Ninth Street when they tried to pass a Toyota Camry.
The Tahoe, Algetta’s vehicle, then crashed with the car. She then lost control, struck a tree, a standpipe, and a light pole as her vehicle rolled over.
Consequently, Algetta was ejected from her car and died. Her passenger, Patricia James, 21, of Buena Park, sustained injuries and medics rushed her to a local hospital.
Meanwhile, the Toyota Camry driver Abelardo Flores, 28, and his passengers remained unharmed, according to reports.
Police found Strother Jr. breaking his probation, and arrested him without bail for vehicular manslaughter and DUI.
Preliminary investigation results say that speed and alcohol were factors in the crash, but they are continuing the investigation. If you have additional information or a witness to the incident, please reach out to Detective Dan Acosta or Sgt. Jeff Harvey at 909-384-5792.

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