1 Injured in Solo-Vehicle Crash on Willow Avenue and Teague Avenue [Clovis, CA]

1 Hurt on Clovis Accident on Willow Avenue and Teague Avenue   CLOVIS, CA (December 1, 2020) – On Monday morning, a person sustained injuries in a solo-vehicle crash on Willow Avenue and Teague Avenue.   According to police, the incident occurred at around 7:30 a.m. Moreover, it occurred on the northbound lanes of Willow […]

Man Killed in Single-Vehicle Crash on Highway 242 [Concord, CA]

1 Dead in Concord Rollover Accident on Highway 242   CONCORD, CA (December 1, 2020) – Sunday night, a single-vehicle crash killed a man on Highway 242 in Concord, California.   According to California Highway Patrol, the crash occurred on northbound state Highway 242, shortly after 11:30 p.m.   Reports revealed that a black 1994 […]

Candice McCarty Injured, Jose Guizar Jr Arrested in Fatal DUI Crash on Walnut Avenue [Merced County, CA]

Atwater Man Dies, Candice McCarty Hospitalized in DUI Crash on Walnut Avenue   Merced County, CA (December 1, 2020) – On Sunday, a 33-year-old Atwater man died, while 34-year-old Candice McCarty, 34, of Winton was injured in a DUI crash on Walnut Avenue and Central Avenue.   The California Highway Patrol responded to the DUI […]

Lamario Davis Killed in Pedestrian Accident on State Route 259 [San Bernardino, CA]

Lamario Davis Struck and Killed in State Route 259 Pedestrian Accident   San Bernardino, CA (December 1, 2020) – On Saturday, 49-year-old Lamario Davis of Victorville died in a deadly pedestrian accident on State Route 259.   911 received the San Bernardino accident report at about 6:24 A.M.   When authorities arrived, they found Davis […]