8 Important Questions To Ask Your Nevada Car Accident Attorney

If you’ve been in a car accident, then you may have plenty to worry about; medical bills, car repair, missed work. Choosing a lawyer shouldn’t add to your stress. Here are eight key questions you’ll want to ask any Nevada car accident attorney to ensure you get the most trustworthy and dedicated representation available.

1. How Many Licensed Attorneys Do You Have On Staff?

Law firms that brag about size are missing the point. A large firm could be too big to give you the attention you deserve, yet a small firm may be too small to have the resources needed to represent you successfully. When you ask your Nevada car accident attorney about the size of their staff, pay close attention to their answer. A successful firm should pride themselves in customer service and ability, not size.
The licensing of a firm’s attorneys is important to take note of as well. Every state has their own unique laws, and Nevada is no different. In order to practice law in the state of Nevada, a lawyer must pass the Nevada Bar Exam and hold a current license to practice. So while having multiple licensed attorneys on staff may be great for marketing, it won’t be helpful to you as a client unless those licenses are current and valid your state.
Sweet Lawyers has multiple auto accident attorneys that hold a current license to practice law in the state of Nevada.

2. How Long Have You Been Practicing Law In Nevada?

The longer a lawyer has been practicing law in Nevada, the more contacts they’ve made and the more knowledge they’ve gained about the intricacies of the legal system. Over time an attorney becomes familiar with legal trends and case outcomes, and their experience in the courtroom helps to build relationships with judges and other lawyers. This knowledge and these relationships will better serve you and your case.
Experience matters, but so does success rate. A lawyer may have decades of experience, but a very low rate of success, which may speak to the quality of that experience.
When interviewing a potential Nevada car accident attorney, be sure to ask how many cases they’ve won while being a licensed attorney in the state. How much compensation have they recovered for clients, and was that recovery the result of litigation or settlement?
Sweet Lawyers law firm has over 40 years of experience practicing law with a 98% success rate. Further proving their skill is the over $200 million they’ve recovered in total compensation for clients. If you want results, Sweet Lawyers have a proven track record of success.

3. How Many Car Accident Cases Do You Have That Are In Progress?

When you hire a Nevada car accident attorney, you want to be their top priority. If a law firm is currently litigating numerous car accident cases, it’s easy to think you may get lost in the shuffle.
This is why customer service matters. At Sweet Lawyers, our team of dedicated attorneys, former judges and investigators is at your disposal. No case is too big or too small to have our complete attention. Our client concierge team is available 24/7, and will answer any questions you have. Available via call, text, chat, or email, your Sweet Lawyer will always available and will keep you updated on the progress of your case.

4. Can You Share Some Recent Client Testimonials With Me?

Any lawyer should be familiar with the concept of evidence, so why should providing proof of their success be any different? An important factor in your decision making process when choosing a lawyer should be testimonials from past clients. Former clients’ recommendations (or lack thereof) can be one of the best tools to use when finding the right attorney.
Sweet Lawyers pride ourselves in our real client testimonials. We are confident that we provide the results and dedication clients need during this sensitive time in their lives. We have the client interviews and written reviews to prove it! Results are important, which is why you want to ask your potential Nevada car accident attorney to share theirs.

5. How Much Is My Case Worth?

If your lawyer tells you how much your case is worth upfront, they are doing you a disservice. No lawyer can give a definite figure before a case is settled, as an auto accident claim involves many factors. Your settlement will be used to pay a number of things, including medical bills and insurance limits, so it is impossible to accurately predict a case’s worth until a thorough investigation has been completed by your auto accident attorney.

6. What Is The Expected Time-Frame To Settle A Case?

This is another trick question. Just like a case’s worth, no lawyer can give you an exact time-frame of how long a case will take to settle.
Settlements depend on a variety of factors, many out of you and your lawyer’s control. Because of this, it may seem favorable to skip the lengthy claim process and accept the first settlement offer from the auto insurance company. Which is not advisable, as doing so would severely undermine the value of your case and remove your ability to recover any additional damages incurred from your accident. Accurate settlements take time, and Sweet Lawyers want to recover the entirety of the compensation you deserve.
To best understand your Nevada car accident claim, contact Sweet Lawyers today for help assessing the factors specific to your case and the options you have to settle.

7. Do You Have Relationships With Local Medical Providers?

Any reputable personal injury attorney will have a relationship with local medical providers. Your lawyer should be able to refer you to the appropriate medical professionals to get you the best care possible, and to help build your case. Our Nevada-based car accident lawyers can help get you to the right doctor.

8. What Is Your Fee Structure, And Does It Change Over Time?

Car accidents are expensive. Legal help shouldn’t be.
When hiring an attorney, you want to ask upfront what their fee structure is. If they charge by the hour, a long case may cost your entire settlement and more! If they charge a percentage of your settlement, be sure to agree on what that percentage is upfront.
No matter your income, you should have access to the best legal help available. This is why Sweet Lawyer works on contingency, meaning we charge zero fees upfront. You pay absolutely nothing unless we win your case.
If you have been in an accident, contact our Nevada car accident attorney today. We will review your case for free and answer any questions you may have.


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