Distracted Driving

5 Distracted Driving Facts That Will Surprise You

With the overwhelming majority of drivers admitting to texting and driving, it’s vital that we start taking distracted driving seriously. With this in mind, the compiled list of distracted driving facts below might convince you that this is serious social issue that causes unnecessary injuries and problems.

Beyond texting, there are many different types of distracted driving. This includes eating, smoking, and radio fumbling while driving.

These five statistics might shock and expose just how vital it is to focus on the road when you’re behind the wheel.

1. 1,000 Injuries A Day

According to the CDC, distracted driving causes 1,000 injuries a day. In addition to the injuries, at least 9 people are killed every day because of this epidemic.

If you’re involved in an accident with a distracted driver, there are many distractions that could have caused it. However with people constantly on their phones or otherwise distracted, it is no wonder that there is a massive problem of distracted drivers. People need to pay attention more, but most especially when operating a ton of steel down a highway.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has identified three main types of driver distractions:
  • Visual Tasks, such as checking a GPS monitor, which cause a driver to take his or her eyes off the road.
  • Manual Tasks (like reaching for a cell phone) that cause a driver to remove one or both hands from the steering wheel.
  • Cognitive Tasks that cause a driver to think about something other than driving.

2. Distracted Driving Causes Over Half of Teen Accidents

If you’re struggling to get your teen to focus while driving, you’re on the right track. Teens are spending so much time on their phones that they’re changing the way that we think about driving and using technology. When nearly 60% of teen crashes are distracted driving related, there are many factors that can lead to this.

Ticketing for distracted driving or using a mobile device while driving is increasing. Distracted driving is tipping the scales of how many accidents we have on the road per year per year.

3. Almost 400,000 Accidents A Year

In 2015, there are figures showing more than 390,000 accidents a year due to distracted driving. This number is both alarming and appalling.

In 2013, the rise of distracted driving began to rise. Even famous filmmakers started to take note. Werner Herzog made a film in 2013 about the serious danger of driving while texting.

4. A True Epidemic

While we debate just how bad it is, the figures are showing that it’s a real epidemic.

If you look at most crime and public safety statistics, you’ll see a precipitous decline year after year. That’s because we’ve gotten smarter, we’ve gotten safer, and we’re taking things more seriously, dealing with them as they come. At the same time, though, accident and road fatalities are climbing and these preventable deaths can’t seem to be fixed.

This problem has all the makings of an epidemic. Most people think they’re perfectly exempt from it or the exception of the person who isn’t going to have to worry about it. It’s so easy to just pick up the phone and start tapping away.

Since phones have found their way into our lives so comfortably, it’s hard to imagine a space without them. Even inside of a car, that addiction kicks in and people start choosing phones over their own safety. While it seems odd on the hierarchy of values, it keeps happening.

5. Increase In The Number Of Drivers

Year after year, it seems like Americans are driving more than ever. If you look at the numbers, driving seems to have increased annually by 3% for the last for the last few years. That means more miles than ever.

That also means more accidents, more deaths, and more problems with traffic. If you’re one of the many people driving, it’s vital to pay full attention while driving.

Distracted Driving Is A Serious Problem

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