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3 People Detained, Questioned After Assault and Crash Incident on Avenue R-4 and Blazing Star Street [Palmdale, CA]


3 People Questioned after Incident of Assault That Leads To Crash on Avenue R-4 and Blazing Star Street

Palmdale, CA (January 10, 2021) – On Wednesday, three people were questioned for an assault that leads to crash on Avenue R-4 and Blazing Star Street.
The crash happened on January 6 at the intersection of Avenue R-4 and Blazing Star Street at about 10:15 p.m.
According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, deputies extricated one person from an overturned Nissan Pathfinder. Then, deputies transported that person to custody.
Officials are questioning at least three people about an assault that happened at Target located in the 38000 block of 47th Street East. Furthermore, the crash took place after the pursuit, said a news photographer at the scene.
However, officials said that there was no pursuit.
Further details were not immediately available.
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