2 People Killed in Wrong-Way Crash on State Route 20 [Skagit County, WA]

2 People Killed in Wrong-Way Crash on State Route 20 [ Skagit County, WA]

2 People Killed in Wrong-Way Crash on State Route 20 [ Skagit County, WA]

Wrong-Way Crash on State Route 20 Kills Two People, Left Car Hanging

Skagit County, WA (August 6, 2020) – On Wednesday, two people died a car was left hanging off a bridge in a wrong-way crash on State Route 20.
The fatal crash happened at about 12:30 p.m. near the Swinomish Slough in Skagit County.
Moreover, State Patrol said a car traveling west in the eastbound lanes of SR-20 struck another vehicle.
State troopers and medics responded to the scene and pronounced both of the drivers dead at the scene.
Meanwhile, authorities fully blocked the eastbound lanes of the highway at the scene during the crash response.

Sweet Lawyers express their sympathies to the family and friends of the two deceased. May you find courage during this time of grief.

Dealing With a Fatal Crash

In the case of this fatal car crash, it is crucial that the family of the victim become aware of their rights under the law. This means that they may have a right to file a lawsuit.
Those closest to the victim may have the right to seek compensation for their loss. Some common examples include funeral expenses, medical bills, and what is called “loss of consortium.” Loss of consortium generally means the deprivation of future affection and companionship over an untimely death.
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