2 People Killed in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Interstate 15 near Baker Boulevard [Baker, CA]

2 People Killed in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Interstate 15 near Baker Boulevard [Baker, CA]
2 People Killed in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Interstate 15 near Baker Boulevard [Baker, CA]

Deadly Baker Multi-Vehicle Accident on Interstate 15 near Baker Boulevard

BAKER, CA (July 20, 2022) – Tuesday afternoon, two people died in a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 15 near Baker Boulevard.
The incident occurred at 1:33 p.m. on Interstate 15 near Baker Boulevard offramp.
According to reports, the crash involved at least three vehicles, including, a red compact 4-door sedan, a gray SUV, and a blue pickup truck.
Initial reports said that two adults were unconscious. Also, the impact ejected a child in a baby seat.
When the authorities arrived, they confirmed that seven people sustained injuries. Three of them required immediate treatment. Hence, officers requested three helicopters.
However, officers eventually canceled two of the helicopters because two of the patients died at the scene.
Moreover, the crash shut down the northbound lanes at Kelbaker and officers diverted the traffic into Baker. At around 3:00 p.m., the lanes reopened.
Furthermore, the CHP Barstow station handles the crash investigation.

We want to send our sincere sympathies to the bereaved family and friends of the victims of the multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 15 near Baker Boulevard.

Dealing with The Loss after a Multi-Vehicle Accident

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