Motorcycle Rider Injured in Mount Baker Highway Crash [Glacier, WA]

2 Injured in Motorcycle Vs Car Crash on El Cajon Boulevard [San Diego, CA]

2 Injured in Motorcycle Vs Car Crash on El Cajon Boulevard [San Diego, CA]

2 Injured in Motorcycle Vs Car Crash on El Cajon Boulevard [San Diego, CA]

Motorcyclist Breaks Leg after Crash on El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego

San Diego, CA (December 22, 2020) – Tuesday evening, a 34-year-old male motorcyclist sustained a broken leg after El Cajon Boulevard crash.
The crash happened at about 6:05 p.m. on December 22, in the Rolando neighbourhood of San Diego.
San Diego Police reports revealed the motorcyclist and his passenger heading eastbound in the 6400 block of El Cajon Boulevard on a Suzuki R5 when a silver Nissan Sentra tried to make a left turn onto the 4800 block of Seminole Drive.
The impact injures the motorcyclist’s leg while the 32-year-old female passenger complained of pains.
Meanwhile, the 23-year- old woman, driving the Nissan, remained uninjured.
Police continue to investigate this San Diego crash.

How Cases Such as This One Arise

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