Possible Injuries in Multi-Vehicle Crash near State Route 108 and Sturgis Road [Tuolumne County, CA]

2 Gravely Injured in a Vehicle Crash at US 395 Near Muller Lane [Minden, NV]

2 Gravely Injured in a Vehicle Crash at US 395 Near Muller Lane [Minden, NV]

2 Gravely Injured in a Vehicle Crash at US 395 Near Muller Lane [Minden, NV]

Head-on Collision on US 395 and Minden Gravely Wounds 2 Motorist

Minden, Nevada (June 04, 2020) – On Wednesday, 2 motorists were injured in a 2 vehicle collision on Highway 395 near Muller Lane. As a result, the area was closed to traffic for those northbound on the highway.
According to NHP, both motorists were gravely injured during the collision between their respective vehicles. They were both immediately taken to a medical facility, one by land and the other by Care Flight.
The police report says the crash happened around 5:53 PM.
Moreover, NHP troopers are worked to divert traffic to Muller Lane. NHP advised all motorists to avoid the route for the interim until they cleared out.
NHP officials are still investigating the cause of the crash.

What Happened Once, Can Happen Again

Despite the peculiar circumstances of this year, auto accidents continue to be a part of daily life. As common of an occurrence as they are, many people do not suspect what follows in the event of a car crash.
It is important to remember defensive driving helps save lives. Being mindful on the road at all times decreases the likelihood of an accident.


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