12 Common Causes of Car Accidents in Phoenix

causes of car accidents

When you drive every day, you’re always taking your health and safety into your own hands. 

In Arizona, there were recently 967 motor vehicle fatalities in a single year. People suffered mild to disabling injuries in several other accidents. To make sure you’re careful and aware, it pays to understand the main causes of car accidents. 

We’ll explain these causes before, in addition to information on how to handle your case. 

1. Too Much Speed

Speed is one of the most important factors at play with car accidents. The faster a driver goes, the more difficult it is for them to control their vehicle. High speeds also create greater force, which can lead to more significant injuries. 

Many drivers speed every single day on roadways. Speeding tickets are often minor inconveniences, and people often don’t get caught when they speed. Drivers should always observe speed limits and control their rate of travel whether they’re traveling local roads or Interstate 10 (I-10) or Interstate 17 (I-17).

It’s always a dangerous situation whenever speed limits are disobeyed, and it becomes especially treacherous when drivers travel at extreme speeds. 

2. Drinking and Driving

The consumption of alcohol is a common reason that accidents happen every day. This is a serious problem and a big reason that courts penalize drivers so harshly for driving under the influence (DUI) charges. 

Whenever a person drives over the limit, they won’t necessarily have full control of their faculties and motor skills, and this puts people’s health, safety, and lives at risk. It’s an incredibly dangerous proposition and one that ends in potential danger and high costs. This can also lead to criminal charges and having to pay property damage to the city or surrounding area. 

3. Youth and Inexperience

When you’re sharing the road with teen drivers, you’re dealing with both youth and inexperience. It’s common for new drivers to get into a car wreck within the first year of getting a license. 

New and young drivers often don’t use the same level of discretion as drivers with more age and experience. This not only puts the young driver at risk but can also lead to danger for other drivers. This is part of the reason many states don’t allow teenage drivers to drive passengers until they’re a bit older and have had their license for longer. 

4. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a big issue today. Part of the reason for this is that most people have smartphones, and are attached to them more often than not during the day. This leads to people texting and driving, Facetiming and driving, or using apps while operating their vehicle. 

All of these are dangerous because they cause a driver to take their eyes off the road or shift their focus. Losing focus and sight on the road for just a second or two can spell danger. More than 3,000 people died in texting and driving accidents in 2020. All states are cracking down on these incidents by implementing stiffer laws and posting digital signs about distracted driving along interstate systems. 

5. Old Age and Medical Issues

Youth isn’t the only age-related issue that leads to car accidents. When people are elderly, they can potentially become more of a liability when they’re driving. This could be due to poor vision or hearing, loss of motor skills, or age-related disabilities. 

It’s also commonplace for people to have medical events while they’re driving. When a person has a heart attack or other medical event while behind the wheel, they’re likely to lose control of their vehicle, which can lead to property damage and people getting hurt. These issues are always a possibility, which is why states do everything that they can to make sure that elderly residents are still fit to drive and operate their vehicles correctly. 

In Arizona, drivers 65 years old or older have to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in person every 5 years to verify that they’re healthy and of sound mind and body to drive. Whenever a driver can’t pass a test or otherwise shows that they can be a danger to others, the DMV has the right to take their license. 

6. Running Red Lights

This is another of the common accident causes that cause vehicle wrecks each year. People run red lights due to not paying attention, negligence, or trying to beat out the light. Regardless of the reason, it increases the likelihood of hitting another driver who lawfully entered the intersection. 

There are tens of thousands of accidents with injuries yearly from running red lights, along with just shy of 1,000 deaths. These accidents can become very dangerous and are also likely to put more than one driver at risk. 

7. Vehicle Malfunction While Driving

Sometimes a person’s vehicle can malfunction at the worst possible time. When a person deals with equipment malfunction while driving, it can easily lead to other people getting hurt or worse. A driver can still be cited for equipment malfunction even if they weren’t speeding or breaking any laws at the time of the accident. 

They are responsible for the upkeep of the vehicle, to prevent these sorts of issues from occurring. Everything from engine failure or bad brakes to a broken CV axle can cause serious issues for drivers and can lead to perilous consequences. 

8. Poor Weather Conditions

It’s also common for people to get into car accidents whenever weather conditions are messy. This can be due to rain, sleet, hail, snow, wind, and other poor weather conditions. Drivers should always check the weather report before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

When it’s raining, drivers should make sure to slow their speed, use their headlights, and increase stopping distance. The same applies when it’s snowing outside or when there’s ice on the ground. Drivers should be particularly mindful of their speed, and be aware of the fact that their brakes might lock up. They need to learn how to steer with the skid, rather than erratically pulling the steering wheel because this can lead to further loss of control. 

Weather conditions can get downright dangerous, especially when there are severe weather alerts or other warnings active. This can easily turn into a multiple-car accident that leads to a complex settlement or litigation process. Drivers should always exercise the greatest caution when the ground isn’t dry or other weather conditions make accidents more likely. 

9. Driver Error and Misunderstanding Signs

Sometimes, drivers simply make costly mistakes when they’re behind the wheel of a vehicle. When people travel to locations they’ve never been to before, it’s easy to get confused by signage and make a mistake. This might even lead to a car crash that creates injuries. 

Though courts are mindful that human error exists, a person can still be cited for a violation if they cause an accident due to confusion or human error. 

10. Poor Visibility Conditions

Sometimes, the atmosphere of the day or other conditions can lead to poor visibility. This can be due to fog, smog, bright sunshine, or cloudiness. Your visibility might also be hampered in the event of heavy downpours or snowfall. 

When visibility is limited, authorities will typically post-digital warnings and send out alerts for people traveling roadways. Whenever visibility is hampered, drivers should be especially mindful to reduce speed and drive carefully. This is both for their protection and to potentially save the lives of others. 

11. Falling Asleep and Fatigue

It’s easy for people to fall asleep behind the wheel if they’ve been driving all day, are sick, taking medication, or otherwise find themselves fatigued. A person falling asleep at the wheel is incredibly dangerous for everyone involved since they are no longer in control of their automobile. 

These sorts of accidents can also lead to dire consequences, expensive injuries, and loss of life. 

12. Various Forms of Reckless Driving

These variables aside, it’s also commonplace for people to just drive recklessly. This can happen in a variety of different ways. It could mean driving at high speeds into the 100s, weaving in and out of lanes, making dangerous turns, and otherwise driving erratically. 

Reckless driving is a misdemeanor criminal charge that can bring about legal consequences. A driver is more likely to be cited with a reckless driving charge if they happen to cause an accident –, particularly one in which someone got hurt. 

Bounce Back From Your Car Accident

Make sure that you learn everything you can about handling a car accident so that you can recover and get back on your feet. This means taking care of your injuries and damages, while also making sure that you’re taking the appropriate party to court. 

These legal issues can be prolonged and will require an understanding of the law and how to address the situation. Here are some of the points that you’ll need to keep in mind:

Find a Great Accident Lawyer

First things first, make sure that you do everything you can to hire a quality car accident lawyer. Doing this will allow you to get the representation that you need for your case, regardless of how the accident occurred. 

These professionals understand the nuances of personal injury law and can help you hold the appropriate party accountable. This is crucial since people will typically have to fend for themselves if they aren’t able to get the money that they need. Medical debt is often the biggest reason that people fall on hard financial times, and is the leading cause of bankruptcy. 

When you get hurt in a car accident, consult with a few different lawyers until you feel comfortable with their ability to represent you and win your case. 

Consider the Injuries and Damages You Suffered

Your lawyer will help to prove that your injuries occurred and will make sure that you get paid enough to heal your injuries in full. This means compensation for your medical bills, physical therapy, and any kind of surgery that you end up getting. These injuries can be damaging to disabling and might involve anything from broken bones and brain trauma to spinal cord injuries. 

Different injuries will have different periods for healing, so it’s up to your attorney to figure out the entire scope of how much money you will need for the long term. 

Learn Your Attorney’s Percentage

Ask your attorney how much they charge for their services. Car accident lawyers generally will charge you a percentage of your final payout. These costs are calculated on the back end, which means that you won’t have to pay any money upfront to get the legal representation that you’re looking for. 

Make certain that the lawyer you are thinking about hiring is licensed and certified, and that they handle car accident cases, rather than general cases. Get their percentage in writing so that you are completely aware of the agreement. 

Take Time to Document Everything

Cooperate with your lawyer, keep in touch, and make sure that you document everything. It takes solid evidence to win a case, along with the help and service of a quality lawyer. Get your car accident report and any other proof or documentation that you need for your case. 

Be prepared for the long haul and make sure to keep in touch with your lawyer whenever you have any questions. 

Know the Causes of Car Accidents

These tips will help you when you’re exploring the main causes of car accidents. We’re the lawyers that you need to reach out to whenever you have a case on your hands. 

Sweet Lawyers Attorneys at Law can help you whenever you have an accident case that you’re pursuing. If you’ve been in a wreck, contact us on our site or call us at (602)610-6101 to learn more. 

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