11 Characteristics of Quality Accident Lawyers in Phoenix

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Each year, there are about six million car accidents. Three million of those accidents result in injuries. Phoenix is one of the largest cities in Arizona and is ranked as one of the most dangerous places to drive. If you or someone you love had an accident in or around Phoenix, you need an accident lawyer. There’s a large volume of accident lawyers in Phoenix, so how do you find the best one for your case? 

What traits are most important when hiring an accident lawyer who should be fighting on your behalf?

Read on to learn the eleven most important traits for an accident attorney to have when working on your car accident case.  

1. Experience

Of all the traits that should matter to you, experience should be at the top of your list. You want to employ an accident attorney who has experience handling a case like yours. 

Don’t be afraid to ask if the attorney has ever handled an accident case with similar characteristics to your case. Ask how they handled the case and what plan they used in approaching it. 

This information is valuable for seeing how their experience level will impact your case. 

You also want to hire an accident lawyer who is comfortable and experienced in a trial setting. You might be surprised to learn some accident attorneys never go to trial. They settle all their cases before trial. 

If your case needs a trial for you to win, you want an attorney who can handle it.

2. Compassion

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of attorneys in the world with less than stellar reputations. You want an attorney who can fight for you and who understands you. 

You want to work with an attorney who will take the time needed to get to know you and make you comfortable with them and how they will handle your case. 

Compassion means they have a sense of understanding for what you’ve been through, and their empathy for your situation will make them want to work harder on your behalf. 

3. Determination

Navigating a car accident case, especially involving injuries, is hard work. The case will affect many other players, all of whom have their interests in mind. 

If there were multiple cars involved in the accident, there will also be numerous insurance companies involved. Arizona is an at-fault state, making the stakes higher that you have someone fighting on your behalf. 

This means each side will attempt to place some blame on the other side to reduce their liability. You need an accident attorney who won’t be distracted by all the noise of the case and will continue to stay focused on your interests. 

4. Passion

It should be important to hire a lawyer who feels passion for you, the law, and their clients. You don’t want to get treated like another file on their desk, another phone call to make. 

You want your car accident attorney to feel passionate about defending your interests and what’s right based on the law. 

How can you tell if they have passion? Listen to how they talk about the law and their cases. Ask them how they would proceed with your case, and you’ll get a sense of the emotion and character they’d put into your case. 

5. Steadfast

When handling a case, an attorney should develop a plan for approaching the case. What approach will they take? What do they expect to happen? Who will need to be involved in the case?

Then you want the attorney to execute their plan for handling your case. Now, they should have some ability to adjust as they learn new information and get more options when negotiating. 

At the same time, you don’t want an attorney who doesn’t stay steadfast to the goals you came into the case with. 

There will undoubtedly be challenges in the case as all cases have those moments, but you want an attorney who won’t waver in the focus of your case. 

6. Engaging

Your attorney will spend a reasonable amount of time discussing your case with others. This may also include in a courtroom in front of a jury. 

You want an attorney who can present the facts of your case as a narrative that favors your side of the events. 

Ultimately, you’re likely ready to hire an attorney because you feel like you deserve compensation. Your attorney should be able to present a story with the facts that show why you should be favored for compensation.

7. Studious

Practicing law is a craft and one that should be continually developed and nurtured. You want to hire an accident attorney who has worked hard at learning the law. 

You also want to know that your lawyer has continued to refine their craft and is working to develop their skills through additional professional development opportunities. 

You also want to know that your lawyer won’t be afraid to hit the books, so to speak, if they need to look for legal guidance while working on your case. 

8. Acute Listener

You need your attorney to be an eloquent and passionate speaker. You also need them to be good at listening, too. 

Your attorney will spend many hours discussing your case with the other parties involved, whether it be witnesses to the case or the insurance company representatives.

They can learn a great deal by how well they listen to what others say regarding your case. It can give them insight into the direction the case is going. 

Being a good listener can help your attorney know what the other side is thinking and pick up on important clues related to the case. 

9. Negotiator

While you want an accident lawyer who is willing to go to trial if necessary, car accident cases often get settled out of court. 

This means there’s a fair amount of discussion and negotiation related to the case’s outcome. Your attorney will spend time negotiating on your behalf with the insurance providers involved in the case. 

Negotiations are about seeking what you want and seeing how far you can push to get it. You also have to know when to give a little.

You want an attorney who understands the intricacies of your case and will know what’s important as they negotiate on your behalf. 

10. Curiosity

You’ve probably seen enough legal dramas on TV or in the movies to know lawyers need to be good at asking questions. 

The lawyer should start their questioning with you. Pay attention to how the lawyer learns about you and your case. How does the attorney ask questions and seek information?

You need someone skilled at asking questions in a manner that makes people want to confide and be open in response. If the person being questioned feels trusting of the attorney, they are more likely to give forthright answers. 

11. Calm

You need an attorney who can remain unflappable in the face of conflict. As they negotiate and argue your case, they should not lose their cool or focus if things aren’t going their way. 

If they can remain calm as they navigate your case, you can do the same. This will help work towards an outcome in your favor. 

Other Considerations for Selecting a Car Accident Attorney

As you consider what you’ve learned about your attorney, there are a few other things to consider. 

Take a look online and see what other clients are saying about their experiences with the attorney. Don’t just read for the results the attorney achieved. Read and see if other clients were happy with how the attorney handled the case and communicated throughout the case. 

You also want to ask how many cases your attorney is currently handling. Will they have the time to give your case the focus it deserves? 

You also want to ask about their resources. Most cases like this are taken on a contingency. They get paid when you get paid. So, you want to be sure they have the financial resources to see your case through to the end. 

Get the Help You Need After Your Car Accident 

Are you still wondering if you need a car accident lawyer at all? In a state like Arizona, where fault will be considered, you want an attorney advocating on your behalf. 

Insurance companies will not take you seriously without legal representation. You may not know the law well enough to protect yourself from liability in the case. 

You need an accident lawyer working on your behalf if you want compensation. 

Finding the Best Accident Lawyers in Phoenix

 If you’re looking for the best accident lawyers in Phoenix, look no further than Sweet Lawyers. Our attorneys have all the traits needed to help you win your case. 

Contact us today so we can get started working on your case.

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