Braylen Bromiley Arrested, Michael and Kimberley Collins Injured in Crash on US Highway 12 [Dayton, WA]

1 Seriously Injured in Major Crash on Lone Tree Road [Palermo, CA]

1 Seriously Injured in Major Crash on Lone Tree Road [Palermo, CA]

1 Seriously Injured in Major Crash on Lone Tree Road [Palermo, CA]

Major-injury Crash Shuts Lone Tree Road in Palermo

Palermo, CA (December 4, 2020) – Thursday afternoon, one person sustained severe injuries after a major crash on Lone Tree Road.
The crash was reported just before 1:30 p.m on December 3.
First responders said one person was seriously injured and life-flighted to Enloe Medical Center.
Meanwhile, Palermo Road was closed for hours at Lone Tree Road.
No other information is released. The investigation is ongoing.

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Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

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