David Matthew Montalvo Dies after Jumping Out of Car on Russell Road and Buffalo Drive [Las Vegas, NV]

1 Seriously Injured in Crash on State Route 94 [San Diego, CA]

1 Seriously Injured in Car Crash on State Route 94 [San Diego, CA]

1 Seriously Injured in Car Crash on State Route 94 [San Diego, CA]

1 Injured in SUV and Truck Crash on State Route 94

San Diego, CA (July 2, 2020) – On Thursday, 1 person sustained serious injuries in a crash on State Route 94 near Dulzura.
The accident occurred just before 7:20 a.m. near Otay Truck Trail, which involved an SUV and a construction-type truck.
Authorities rushed 1 person in the SUV to a hospital for treatment of major injuries, while the other 4 passengers of the vehicle were uninjured.
Police do not have details about the victim, as the incident is still under investigation.
Keep the right speed and maintain focus on the road while driving. These are simple safety tips that constantly save lives.

What to Do in Case of Road Accident

Roadways, while scrupulously created and mapped for efficient travel, are one of the most dangerous settings. As common of an occurrence as they are, many people do not suspect what follows in the event of a car crash.
So, here are some helpful tips on what to do when in a car crash:
Before anything else, seek medical attention if you have been hurt.
Then, get to a safe place to prevent further damage or injury.
Also, collect as much information as possible: insurance and contact information of people involved in the accident, pictures/videos of vehicles involved. Do not forget to include documentation of fault, and whatever else that can be used for evidence.
Additionally, file a police report or incident report by calling 911.
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