1 Person Dead, 1 Injured in Vehicle Crash on 12000 Sierra Highway [Los Angeles, CA]

1 Person Injured in DUI Crash on Interstate 90 Bridge [Bellevue, WA]

1 Person Injured in DUI Crash on Interstate 90 Bridge [Bellevue, WA]

1 Person Injured in DUI Crash on Interstate 90 Bridge [Bellevue, WA]

Injuries Sustained in Bellevue Multi-Vehicle Accident on Interstate 90 Bridge

BELLEVUE, WA (March 2, 2021) – Sunday night, a person suffered injuries in a three-car DUI crash on Interstate 90 bridge in Bellevue.

The troopers and medics responded to the scene just before 9:00 p.m. The incident occurred in the westbound lanes of the bridge’s midspan.

When they arrived, they found two heavily damaged cars, said Trooper Rick Johnson. Moreover, responders had to cut off one car’s entire roof.

The crash didn’t lead to serious injuries.

Meanwhile, authorities arrested the causing driver for suspicion of DUI.

Due to the limited information available, the authorities continue to investigate the crash.

Staying within the lanes of the road is an extremely important rule of the road. Moreover, if you feel yourself drifting into other lanes due to fatigue or any other reason, safely pull over. Then, rest before continuing to drive. Also, you can call a friend or an Uber to pick you up if you feel like it would be unsafe to drive.

Turning to a Personal Injury Attorney after Crash on Interstate 90 Bridge

In the case of the crash on Interstate 90 bridge, the victim must become aware of their rights under the law. This means that there may be a right to file a lawsuit against the person, or company responsible for the injuries they suffered.

According to Mark Sweet, “The most valuable step you can take in response to a vehicle crash is hiring a personal injury attorney. Moreover, personal injury attorneys prioritize your recovery. At the same time, securing your future from further losses a severe accident can bring.”

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