1 Person Injured in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Mission Center Road and Texas Street [San Diego, CA]

1 Airlifted after Motorcycle Crash on Amargosa Road and Roy Rogers Drive [Victorville, CA]

1 Airlifted after Motorcycle Crash on Amargosa Road and Roy Rogers Drive [Victorville, CA]

1 Airlifted after Motorcycle Crash on Amargosa Road and Roy Rogers Drive [Victorville, CA]

1 Injured in Victorville Traffic Accident on Amargosa Road

VICTORVILLE, CA (June 21, 2020) – Early Saturday night, a person was airlifted after a motorcycle crash on Amargosa Road.
The incident occurred at around 8:45 p.m. and the Victorville City Fire responded to a vehicle and a motorcycle crash on Amargosa Road north of Roy Rogers Drive.
When the first responders arrived, they found a blue Harley Davidson motorcycle in the northbound lanes with the rider.
Then, the firefighters called a helicopter to the scene. The helicopter landed at Victor Valley Global Medical Center to transport the rider to an out of area trauma center.
According to police, the car involved, a four-door burgundy Saturn sedan with a damaged windshield, was pulled over in the southbound lanes.
Moreover, the female driver stayed at the scene and has been cooperative with the police. She didn’t suffer any injuries.

The Aftermath of the Motorcycle Crash on Amargosa Road

The incident temporarily shut down Amargosa Road in both directions during the investigation. Thus, motorists used an alternate route through the Winco shopping center.
At around 9:25 p.m., two trucks from towing services arrived to remove the motorcycle.
The Victorville Police Department currently handles the crash investigation. Moreover, they encourage anyone with information about the crash to contact 760-241-2911.
When driving, it’s important to follow the posted speed limit and to yield to other drivers during uncertain driving situations.
We may not always know what other drivers are thinking. However, if we approach situations with care, we’ll have a likelier chance of averting a collision.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney After an Injury Crash

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